Thursday, February 24, 2011

2-23-2011 Hiking Bear Claw

This morning John and I decided to hike up to the Cairn on Bear Claw Poppy Trail.  It was a beautiful morning but you could see as you looked at Signal Mountain that a storm is coming in.  We are suppose to have bad weather starting tomorrow afternoon and Saturday in the St. George area.  Once we got up to the top we sat and just enjoyed the view of all the canyons, bluffs, Signal Mountain, and St. George.  It is hard to believe that our two months of being in St. George is coming to an end.  We have so enjoyed it here and I am certain we will be back.  St. George has so much to offer as far as hiking and biking goes and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking in all directions.

This afternoon we decided to just go for a drive and we went out to Santa Clara and drove around a little admiring the incredibly huge and gorgeous homes in that area.  From there we went out to Kayenta and then up to Snow Canyon.  Afterwards, we came home and John grilled some chicken and I made a salad and a butternut squash.  We are emptying out our refrig. and trying to use up everything before we leave on Tuesday.

We have made plans to go to the Grand Canyon on Tuesday and hiking down to Plateau Point on Wednesday and then going to Lynn and Dick's on Thursday and Friday.  On Saturday morning we will leave and go to Surprise, Arizona to spend a few days with Dana and Bill Brown.  Hopefully, we will also get time to stop and see Eve and Chad at White Tanks (we may even bike up there as I don't think it is very far from where Dana and Bill are staying).  Our plans are to stop in and visit my sister, Sharon and her hubby in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They are going to be there from March 5th to the 12th.

Another great day!

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  1. And beyond the natural beauty, the historical and cultural content of St. George is outstanding! We are doing what you're doing: cleaning the fridge and regretting a hasty depart. I admire your well ordered plan for the next few days. Our route is still undecided. We've been offered a week's free lodging in Oxford, Mississippi which is about halfway between here and home, so we will probably accept and stay there awhile soaking in southern sunshine and eating greens and grits and drinking sweet tea before proceeding home in time for the last snow storm of the season.