Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 7th, 2011 - Johnson Canyon in Snow Canyon

Lynn, Dick, Paula, Larry, John and I hiked 1.75 miles on the Johnson Canyon Trail near Snow Canyon!

Everyone did such a great job on all the hikes that we went on!

Trail back to Johnson Canyon!

Great day with great friends!

Larry did himself proud with all the hiking he did this week!

Great day!

Lynn & Dick in Johnson Canyon!

As we were hiking back to the car we noticed two billie goats on the hillside! 

Petrified Rock hiking area in Snow Canyon!

Lynn & Paula hiking up to meet us!

Two love birds on the Rock!
We decided to take a hike in Snow Canyon on the Johnson Canyon Trail - it is 1.75 miles round trip and a very nice hike with beautiful red rock all over.  Afterwards we headed into Snow Canyon and walked around on the petrified rocks.  It was a beautiful afternoon!

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