Saturday, March 12, 2011

3-11-2011 & 3-12-2011 Woolaroc in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and then on to Branson, Missouri to Sedalia, Missouri to bike Katy Trail

We got up and headed to Bartlesville to go to the Woolaroc Museum.  Several years ago we attended the Southwest Tandem Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  After the rally we went with a number of couples on a post ride and one of the stops we made was at the Woolaroc Museum.  We didn't have a whole lot of time to spend there at that time so we always thought we'd go back someday.  So today was the day!  We spent about 3 hours going thru the museum - it is really an amazing museum of cowboy and indian history with amazing artifacts, bronze sculptures, paintings, huge gun display and many other interesting items to see.  To find out more about it you can go to

Afterwards we headed to Branson, Missouri - we initially thought about going there and going to some shows over the weekend.  We came in the backway to Branson and drove on miles and miles of winding curves and up and down hills driving thru farm land.  It was really a beautiful drive.  We arrived around 7:30 in Branson and went to Ruby Tuesday's for their salad bar and then checked into a hotel for the evening.  We checked out the shows that were available and after talking it over we decided that we would rather go and do some biking on the Katy trail which is in Missouri. 

3-12-2011 On Saturday morning we loaded up the car and drove to Sedalia, Missouri and unloaded the bike and biked 15 miles out and then came back on the same limestone trail.  It was very nice biking and about 59 degrees with the birds singing and the frogs croaking in the ponds alongside the trail.  We had the trail pretty well to ourselves so that was even nicer.

This evening we went to Sacred Heart Catholic church for mass - what a beautiful church!  It has just been refinished and it is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful teal marble pillers and an amazing altar with fresh painted statues behind it.  Also the 2nd graders did a beautiful job of singing during the mass so it was a very enjoyable service.

Afterwards we went out to eat and then got back to the hotel about 7:30.  It is going to be a long day driving tomorrow as we have 637 miles to go to get home but we are  looking forward to seeing our family and friends!

The last 2-1/2 months have been wonderful but we are anxious to get back to our life, family, and friends in Wisconsin!

See you all soon!

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