Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - 6 mile hike and saying goodbye to Lynn & Dick and heading to Surprise, AZ

We got up and had breakfast and then we went out on a hike with Lynn & Dick.  Dick had asked how long of a hike that we wanted to go on and we said 4 miles.  He said okay good - well if anyone knows Dick they know that if you say 4 miles you are probably going to go on a 6 or so mile hike.  Sure enough he managed to take us up and down a few hills with beautiful cactus's and desert scenery all around and by the time we got back we had hiked 6 miles - we loved it and we enjoyed every step of it Dick.

We said our goodbye's and headed to Surprise, AZ to meet up with Dana and Bill Brown.  Our plans were to go to a Seafood/Oriental Restaurant in Phoenix and then go to the Botantical Gardens before headed to Mesa to see the Dutten Family show.  The food was excellent and the gardens were beautiful but we were in for a real treat seeing this talented family perform on stage.  They played fiddle, guitar, banjo's, and all kinds of instruments while singing and some even did clog dancing.  We totally enjoyed the show - thank you very much Bill & Dana!

A great day with more good friends!

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