Thursday, January 27, 2011

1-26-2011 - biking in Snow Canyon & Dick & Lynn arrived in St. George

Today John got up and went and picked up some groceries while I did some cleaning and laundry at the condo.  Around 10:45 we met up with Dean Lourde and bicyled up to the north end of Snow Canyon (12 miles one way).  Another beautiful blue sky day - we joke how boring the weather is because every day is the same with blue skies and very little clouds and temps in the high 50's or low 60's.  Love it!  Once we arrived up at the top of the north end of Snow Canyon (which is all uphill pedaling) we decided to take the bike trail that follows along highway 18 back to the condo.  What a great trail when you are heading into town.  We biked about 7 miles and only pedaled about a 1/3 of a mile as the rest was down hill and we were cruising with beautiful views of the bluffs and red rock. 

Once we arrived back at the condo we had a snack and then John settled down for a afternoon nap and I went over to the pool and swam for an hour.  Around 5:30 Dick & Lynn arrived and we visited and had dinner and agreed to meet on Thursday morning around 10:00 to do some hiking on the Bear Claw Poppy Trail. 

Our Canadian friend, Dean, biking with us to Snow Canyon!  I snapped this picture as we were biking down the trail!

A manmade pond along Snow Canyon Parkway - there are always people fishing here!

Round About!

Views as we enter Snow Canyon Park!

Taking a break and enjoying the scenery!

Once you get up on the bike path above Snow Canyon you can see for miles!

Biking along the Virgin River!

The flood that hit St. George the third week of December wiped out parts of the bike trails. 

Signal Mountain in the background!

The end of this bike trail until they get the flood damage repaired on this part of the trial!  Don't worry there are a lot more bike trails to bicycle on.

Here you can purchase 1/3 of an acre for $99,000.00!
Another great day!

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