Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hiking at Chuckwalla - St. George, Utah 1-10-2011

Rock Climbers along the Chuckwalla Trail

Just look at the beautiful blue sky!

The trail is quite sandy so makes it a little harder to hike.

My captain leading the way!
Today I had some errands to run so John went out hiking on the Bear Claw Poppy Trail without me.  There was one trail that we hadn't gotten to the top of yet as we couldn't find the trail once we hit the stony area so he went up there to investigate and found his way to the top.  When we both got back to the condo we ate lunch and then headed to the Chuckwalla hiking trail that once you get to the top it has a beautiful view of St. George.  The trail is a fairly easy hike along beautiful red rock and canyons.  Afterwards we picked up a few groceries that we needed and came back to the condo and John put together a great salad and I made chicken stir fry for us for dinner.  Afterwards John continued reading his book (he is really getting into this one) and I went for a walk in town.  Where ever you walk around here you are going to get a good work out as we are staying in the foothills and either you are walking down to the canyon or back up.  While doing this you look around and there are foothills and mountains all around you.  The mountains are covered with snow and the red rock is so beautiful with the snow on top of them. 

We were excited that we finally started receiving our mail today.  I had called a week ago and set up it up so that our mail would be forwarded out to St. George.  Glad that is taken care of!

This Friday Celeste will be coming to visit for two days.  She is flying into Vegas for a hair show that starts on Sunday so she will spend two days in St. George.  We are anxious to show her the area and take her up to Zion.

From the sounds of it there is a lot of bad weather around the country.  We have heard from the locals that St. George is quite cool right now compared to normal.  Yesterday there was a high of around 38 degrees but it is so sunny that it doesn't seem that cool.  This is good hiking weather so we are enjoying it.

We received a beautiful card from Lyn & Wendy yesterday with a picture of Cole in his full military uniform kneeling.  Cole is in Iraq until February 14th so please take a minute and say a pray for his safe return along with his entire platoon to the USA.  We miss you Cole and are so proud of you!

Enjoy life!

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