Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/25/2011 - Company in St. George

Bill & Helen arrived in St. George last Thursday afternoon.  First thing on Friday morning John, Bill, & I went out hiking on the Bear Claw Poppy Trials for a couple of hours.  Then I took Helen and showed her around St. George.  We have had a nice time and John and Bill have gotten to do a number of hikes together such as Observation Point, In Zion National Park, Snow Canyon, and the Anasazi trail in Santa Clara. Helen and I have done a lot of sightseeing in the area and visiting all the different shops and really getting a good idea of where everything is in the city.  Yesterday we took a drive up to Hurricane and then out on Highway 59 to Colorado City.  It was a very scenic drive and very enjoyable.  Tomorrow Bill & Helen are planning on heading to Colorado Springs to spend two nights with Mary Ann and Hugh before they head back to Indiana. 

Dick and Lyn Underwood will be arriving in St. George later this week and we will be busy doing a lot of hiking with them.  On February 1st Paula and Larry Mader will be in St. George and we are anxious to show all of them this special area that we are enjoying every day! 

Tomorrow John and I plan to go biking as we have not biked for over a week.  The weather is still just amazing with it being in the mid to high 50's every day with beautiful blue skies.  I have been hearing from our kids that it is so cold in Wisconsin this January - that is so hard to believe as I spend an hour each afternoon swimming in the outdoor heated pool and enjoying the hot tub that is in this condo complex.

Today we drove on old hwy 91 down to Mesquite and then back on I15 to admire the beautiful Virgin River Gorge. It is hard to believe that we have been in St. George almost 4 weeks now - time is going quickly.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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