Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 - Lynn & Dick in St. George

Lynn and Dick came to our condo about 10:00AM this morning.  John and I had packed lunches for everyone and we headed out to hike up to the top of Bear Claw Poppy Trail for a wonderful lunch overlooking the city of St. George.  We had a very nice time and enjoyed the hike and the company.  John and Dick picked on the the two girls - they couldn't believe how we could talk and hike all at the same time. lol

When we got back to the condo about 1:30 or so Lynn & Dick went back to their hotel and planned to come for supper at our condo about 4:30 or so.  After they left I put on my swimsuit and went over to the pool area.  I spoke with the gal at the front desk and she gave me a pamphlet with a number to call for renting the condo's in this area.  I called Lynn & Dick and gave them a number and they ended up booking a condo 5 buildings down from ours in the Sports Village.  There hotel room was quite crowded and this way they have all the comforts of home in their condo plus they will be closer to us and not have to drive to visit and hike with us. 

They arrived at 4:30 and John made chicken on the grill and we had a delicious salad with baked potato's, vegetable, and pudding for dessert.  Wonderful day followed by a wonderful evening with friends!

Tomorrow Lynn & Dick will move into their condo and then our plans are to hike the Anasazi trail in Santa Clara at 11:00.

Life is good!

Dick, Lynn & John at the top of Bear Claw!  When ever you hike up here you are to add a rock to the cairn.  This was my
sixth time and John's eighth time to hike up here.

Gosh I like that guy!


  1. You two look so happy together. So wonderful that you are both having such a wonderful time. I enjoy following your blog.
    Love, Sharon