Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 28th, 2011 - hiking with Lynn & Dick on the Anasazi Trail

Getting ready to hike the trails by Santa Clara (about 10 miles from our condo)

Start of the Anasazi Trail by Santa Clara

Petroglyph's along the trail!

Dick & Lynn smiling for the camera!

View from the bluffs of the Santa Clara River

All three of these hikers are not happy unless they are standing on the edge of the bluff's.  No thank you!

Another great hike - life is good!
Lynn and Dick moved into the condo 5 buildings down from ours today.  They have a very nice condo and it will be great having them in the same area as we are.  We are all getting excited for Paula and Larry to arrive next week to show them this beautiful area.

We met Lynn & Dick around 10:30 today to go hiking on the Anasazi Trail out in Santa Clara.  John and I packed a wonderful lunch and after hiking along the bluff over the Santa Clara river and finding numerous petroglyphs we found a wonderful place that overlooked the Santa Clara River and we sat and ate lunch enjoying each others company and the wonderful scenery. 

After we got back to the condo Lynn & Dick went grocery shopping and I went to the pool to swim some laps while John took a nap.  This morning we put a beef roast with vegetables in the crock pot so Lynn & Dick will be coming over for dinner.  We had talked about going to a movie this evening.  There is a movie theater that only charges $2.00 per person.  Can't beat that price.

Life is good!

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