Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hiking Bear Claw Poppy Trail & Biking to Snow Canyon Park

This morning we got up and ate breakfast and decided to do a longer hike on one of the many Bear Claw Poppy Trails.  We packed a lunch and headed out about 9:00AM for a 3.25 hour hike.  I have included some pictures of our hike.  Once again we are so excited that these trails are so close to our condo.  (yes, I sound like a broken record).

One of the things that happened to us yesterday we wanted to share with our biking friends.  After we got done biking yesterday we loaded up the bike and then drove to a bike shop.  I am looking for a new pair of biking shoes as mine are pretty well shot.  We pulled up in front of the bike shop and went inside.  I didn't find any shoes but John bought some white lightening.  When the young man came to check us out he noticed our car and our tandem on the draftmaster.  He said to John, "Dude that is one serious ride".  He obviously is a hard core mountain biker and had not ridden a recumbent bike let alone a tandem like ours.  We laughed and then headed home!

This afternoon we took our car with the bike loaded and headed out to a bike trail that we can get on and then bike all the way to Snow Canyon Park.  The paved trail runs beside the Snow Canyon Parkway and this is really a beautiful place with a lot of very expensive homes.  In fact, one of the signs said that you could buy a lot originally for $89,000 now marked down for quick sale to $63,000.  Yeah right! 

Yesterday when we were hiking on the "3 Ponds" trail in Snow Canyon Park we heard some crows crowing of in the distance.  All of a sudden John stopped and said "if Wyatt was here he would be saying "Ka Kaw, Ka Kaw".  It seems over the last couple of months when Wyatt is playing in the house and wants some one to find him or if he is at Uncle Mike's woods he a lot of time will stop and holler "Ka Kaw, Ka Kaw.  The joys of being grandparents is having wonderful little ones in your life to make you smile and laugh!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures!

Take care!

Hiking on Bear Claw Poppy Trail 1-8-2011

Going up, around, and under rocks to follow the trail!

John is the happiest when he can be up as high as possible - I of course, gladly stay below!

King of the Mountain

Biking on the bike trail along Snow Canyon Parkway on our way to Snow Canyon Park

Just ahead is a beautiful round about with incredible bronze horse sculpters.

Biking in Snow Canyon Park

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