Thursday, January 20, 2011

1/21/2011 - Matt turns 35 today! Hiked up Bear Claw in honor of our son's birthday

Happy 35th birthday son!  Hope you have a wonderful day and a safe trip home to your family!

This morning we got up and ate breakfast and then headed out for a 2 1/2 hour hike up Bear Claw.  Dean joined us and hiked with us for a bit but then went back as he had an appointment later this morning.  John and I proceeded up to the top and took a few pictures and then headed back down.  Each time we go up there we add a rock to the cairn to signify that we have been there.  I have my stack at the bottom so that I know exactly which ones are mine.  Actually on our last hike up there (before we head east) I plan on taking the rocks I have added to the cairn home with me.  So far I have 4 rocks added to this cairn and John has 6 rocks.  He hiked up there once on his own and then once with Dean (I ran errands while he did that).  The other 4 times he hiked up there with me.

 This afternoon Bill & Helen should be arriving and will be here until the 25th.  They had sent a email saying that they were staying at the Grand Canyon last night and should be in St. George by late this afternoon. 

We have heard from our family that it is -11 below zero in Wisconsin.  No thank you - it is in the high 50's in Utah and we like it that way!

Taking a break part way up to the top!

Magnificent view with Pine Mountain in the back ground!

Great hike with my hubby!

At the top to add a rock to the cairn and on the edge - that can't be Kathi? lol

The view in the background is why we hike up the Bear Claw Poppy Trails!
Life is good!

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