Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pictures outside of our condo 1-9-2011

Our condo is on the main floor - there are a total of 7 condo's in each building.  Our condo is in the middle.

View of community center and pool (right behind our condo)

Back yard - our condo is the 2nd window on the right!  We were disappointed in the small deck that this condo has.

Was disappointed to see this sign - I brought my rollerblades along so I will have to find somewhere else to use them.

Community Center - although the pool is heated the air has been pretty cool so we haven't gone swimming yet.  However, we will just haven't taken the time yet.  There is also a hot tub!
A few people have asked me to post pictures of our condo and the area within the Sport Village Complex.  I took a walk this morning (while John watched pre-game football shows) and took a few pictures.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! 

Life is good!

Well I guess I will have to upload pictures later - Blog is not cooperating.

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