Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Santa Clara River Reserve - 1-19-2011

View overlooking the town of Santa Clara

Write up by the Farmstead

What had been the "Farmstead" years ago!

Once again, John getting up as high as he can get!

View of the Santa Clara River from on top of the bluff!

Petroglyphs were all over the boulders/rocks on the bluff

I got brave enough to go out towards the edge to get my picture taken but I told John to hurry up because I wasn't staying there long!

What a great hike!

We took off our shoes and enjoyed our lunch on the bluff above the Santa Clara River

John and I headed out about 9:30 this morning and drove approx. 10 miles to the Santa Clara River Reserve.  Yesterday we had stopped at the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and we were able to get literature for a number of additional hikes that are within a 10 mile radius of St. George.  The trail was very well kept and wound it's way past a prehistoric farmstead and a number of petroglyphs on the rocks.  As we continued on 3.5 miles we walked a long way up on the bluff that overlooked the Santa Clara River winding down the canyon.  Beautiful views.  On our way back to the car we stopped and had lunch on top of the bluff and we enjoyed homemade turkey ham sandwiches with tomato, onions, light mayo, and lettuce.  Along with pickles and cucumbers.  Great lunch and beautiful views in all directions. 

On our way back we stopped at another grocery store - we have shopped at 5 or 6 different stores in the St. George area trying to find the one we like the best and of course, has the best prices.  I think old Walmart is going to win out.  We also stopped at the library and then headed home to put the groceries away.  While John made chicken on the grill I took a 45 minutes swim and then came back and we ate dinner.   I am getting totally spoiled having a heated outdoor swimming pool in my back yard along with a hot tub.  Life is good!

This evening Dean and Billie (friends we met from Quebec, Canada) are coming over to see our bike video that Shelly put together of our trip last summer.  It will be fun to see it again as we haven't watched it for a while.

Have a great evening everyone!

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  1. We loved seeing your DVD. John is indeed a "prince of a fellow"...and Kathi a Queen.