Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friday, January 14th to the 16th - Celeste in St. George

Celeste arrived in St. George on Friday evening and was here until Sunday around 12:30PM.  When she arrived we had dinner and then Celeste and I got in the car and I showed her around St. George.  On Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Zion National Park where we dropped John off at the bottom of the trail to Observation Point (by Weeping Rock) so that he could do the 8 mile round trip hike up to Observation Point and back down.  We were instructed to pick him up in 5 hours.  Celeste and I went into Springdale and went out to breakfast and then did some shopping and site seeing in the area.  After picking John up we headed back to St. George.  John stayed at the condo to watch the Packer game and Celeste and I headed out to show her some more of St. George and Snow Canyon.  On our way to Snow Canyon we noticed a "Open House" sign so we stopped and toured a $519,000 home.  Oh my, some people have way to much money. lol  We then  decided to go to the movie theater and saw the movie "True Grit".  Sunday morning we got up and went to the 9:00AM mass and then around 12:30 Celeste headed to Las Vegas for her Redkin Symposium.  Her time in St. George went way to fast but we had a lot of laughs and spent some good time together. 

In  the afternoon John and I went hiking for 2 1/2 hours - the weather is absolutely beautiful today.

This evening we were invited over to Dean and Billie's home (they are in a condo 4 buildings down from ours) for Dean's birthday.  They are in St. George for two months also and are from the Quebec, Canada area.  Another couple came to the birthday party and we had a very nice visit.

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  1. The other couple was Gene and Charlene Nuttall of St. Georgre. Gene is a high school crony and basketball team mate of Dean's. Orem High School, class of '61.