Sunday, January 30, 2011

1-30-2011 - hiking in Kayenta Canyon

This morning John and I went to 9:00AM mass and then came home and changed and packed lunch and picked up Lynn & Dick around 11:00.  We had spoken with a gal last night and she had told us about a trail out by Kayenta that was a nice hiking trail so we headed out there.  We had a wonderful hike even though it was cloudy and overcast and a bit cooler than it has been we still had a great hike.  Once we got back to Kayenta Canyon we found a place to sit and we all enjoyed our lunch.  Dick was meandering around and ended up finding a hiking hat that someone had left behind.  We all enjoyed laughs and good conversation as we hiked the Kayenta wash back to our car.

Lynn and Dick will be coming over for supper around 5:00 tonight.  Tomorrow John and Dick are planning on doing some hiking in Zion and Lynn and I are going to go to see what we can find in Mesquite. 

Another great day!
Hiking to Kayenta Canyon

Overlook down to Kayenta Wash

Kayenta Canyon

Dick found a hiking hat in Kayenta Canyon!

Enjoying lunch with good friends!

John's lunch spot!

We hiked back along the Kayenta Wash on the way back to the car!

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  1. You find good spots to hike and never wear down!!